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How to Play

In this game you must reassemble the puzzle in the picture frame at the top from its scrambled pieces. The unplaced scrambled pieces are in the area below. Select an unplaced piece by clicking on it, then click on an empty spot in the picture frame at the top to put the piece into the puzzle.

If you select an unplaced piece and then change your mind, simply click on it again to deselect it.

Once a puzzle piece has been placed in the picture frame, you can return it to the unplaced piece area. Just click on the unwanted puzzle piece in the picture frame. It will be removed from the picture frame and returned to its original spot in the unplaced area.

If you need help, click on "Show me the picture!" to get a preview of the completed picture. Click on "Remove the wrong pieces" to return any misplaced pieces in the frame back to the unplaced area. If you want to check to see if you correctly finished the puzzle, click on "Did I get it right?"

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